I’m Blogging Again With Buy A Sundial!

It has been a busy couple of months, but after an extremely long hiatus I finally have the time to resume blogging. I have moved into my new house in London mostly finished unpacking, settled into my new job and actually have some free time.

A lot has happened in the last couple of months, most of it mundane and boring, but I will give the highlights for anybody who is interested.

I started researching Space exploration on March 29th, but my wife and three kids were still in London waiting for our house to sell. We finally sold it on April 20th and I flew out to London on April 23rd. The movers packed up our house on April 24th and we started the long drive out to London We arrived here on April 25th and spent four nights in the Residence Inn waiting for our stuff to be delivered. Finally on April 29th (which just happened to be my 40th birthday) we moved into our new house.



space exploration

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The rest of the time I have spent unpacking, hanging shelves, organizing, decorating, getting bank accounts set up and the millions of other things you need to do when you move to a new town.

Earl, Pat and I have set up some guidelines about what I can and can’t blog about work, and in future posts I will bring everybody up to speed just what it is we are trying to accomplish

It is good to be back.


The last couple of weeks have been really busy and I have found myself to beat to write anything. But tonight I have the kids in bed, the house is clean (no small feat when you have three kids) and I am forcing myself to actually write something.

A number of people have expressed an interest as to how I ended up researching with SETI. Well it all started out when I read an article from the New York Times about space exploration and life on other planets

Unfortunately for me, the Times article was very poorly written and made John’s efforts sound amateurish and haphazard, so my post ended up being pretty critical of the Drake Equation (a note to all bloggers: Never trust the New York Times). A few days later while I was doing some research about the X Prize, I read a lot more about SETI and decided two things. First that I really should write another article about SETI  that was more representative of the serious effort John was conducting and second that it might be fun to write reviews of all the ideas

However, before I got a chance to write a more balanced article about SETI John emailed me. John obviously has a good sense of humor because the subject of his email was “From the fool,” and in the email he asked if I had read the SETI website before I wrote my original article. I replied that I had not, but that I had read it after I wrote the article. I also told John that I planned on writing another article that would be more representative of his efforts and I asked if he would let me interview him for it. To my surprise he agreed to my request and graciously answered a long list of questions, which allowed me to write my first review

Since John had been nice enough to answer my questions, I thought maybe some of the other competitors would agree to let me interview them as well. So I picked a few competitors that looked interesting and emailed them some basic info about my website and my intentions and asked if they could spare the time to answer some questions. Again, to my surprise, I got almost unanimous positive responses from the competitors I contacted and I decided to write my next review about Faster Than Light Travel primarily because David was the first person to respond to my email.

Since Pat  was the second person to respond to my email, I decided to write my third review Group Velocity. After I finished my email interview with Pat, I thanked him for his time, wrote my review and told him that if he had any comments I would post them as an update to my article. Pat had a few minor corrections and clarifications that he emailed me after reading my article, and he concluded the email with the line “Are you any good, we are hiring.”

Since I was not really looking for a job at the time (which I told him) I sent him a quick summary of my experience and qualifications and figured that was the end of it. However, Pat had a few technical questions for me that I was more than happy to answer, which resulted in us exchanging a series of emails.

Since I am originally from London and would not mind moving out there again someday, I found the offer intriguing. So I did some research  which included emailing Pat and asking him what his thoughts were about them. Pat was again nice enough to help me out, but he also told me that I could call him if I wanted to talk about it in more detail.

I took Pat up on his offer and we talked for some time. During the conversation I also spoke to Earl  for the first time and Earl asked if I would be interested in coming out to London for an interview. I again told them that I was not really looking for a job, but that I would be interested in hearing what they had to offer if they really wanted me to come out there.

It took some time for the interview to be arranged, but I finally went out there a couple of weeks ago. And as of March 29th, I will be researching space explorartion

P.S. Sorry if I missed anybody’s emails over the last couple of months. I downloaded over 700 messages to my computer before I closed my old email accounts and have not had the time to go thru them all yet. Also, my new email address is admin@buyasundial.com if you want to send me something (it is also listed over on the right side of the page under email).